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Safeguarding and Classroom Emotional Abuse

Classroom Emotional Abuse is one aspect of child safeguarding that receives little attention in safeguarding training and related material, yet it may be the most important in terms of the numbers of people affected and the likely length of time effects can subsist.

Officially, emotional abuse is one important aspect of safeguarding, child protection and safer recruitment. There is our book, Emotional Abuse in the Classroom: the forgotten dimension of safeguarding, child protection, and safer recruitment, which provides essential background reading and should be read by everyone involved in such work.

Overview Seminars

  • What is emotional abuse, and what does it look like in a classroom setting?
  • Recognizing and Managing emotional abuse in the classroom
  • School and Local Authority actions to incorporation abuse into the local curriculum
  • Children Rights
  • Emotional Abuse in Safeguarding for Governors and School Management


  • Teacher Self-Evaluation
  • Pupil Self-Evaluation


  • Audit of the state of classroom conduct in one, or a group of schools


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