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Enterprise and Information Sample curriculum is now available on the website.

Enterprise Architecture

An enterprise is a human activity system that results in the provision of one or more products or services. Its architecture is a high-level description of the static real or abstract components of the enterprise and their relationships (including applicable principles and policies) along with a summary of the key processes and dynamics involved in its strategy and operations. Most enterprise architectures are created for one legally bounded entity, but this is not necessarily so, particularly when the product or service is the result of more than one interacting legal entity.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is concerned with the overall information needs and work of the organization or enterprise. The scope of information architecture includes the use of information for all kinds of information work, whether computer-aided or not. The approach taken to information architecture is a layered approach with different layers dealing with issues right from information needs to systems that enable associated information work. The systems may or may not be computer-supported information systems.

Enterprise Architecture is a concept that followed on from earlier information architecture work. Information Architecture and Enterprise Architecture come together at the level of Business Architecture (one of the components of the Information Architecture layered model presented here).

Enterprise and Information Architecture

Many courses, workshops, and lectures have been given about enterprise and information architecture. Typically, these are customized for specific client needs or context.

The Enterprise and Information Architecture Curriculum includes topics that are the subject of both consulting and training.

Here is a sample curriculum that can be used as a basis to discuss needs and context. Many of the topics are essential for enterprise and information architecture work, but are missing from many mainstream or 'popular' approaches to architecture.

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