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Getting Started

There are several ways in which this website can be used. There are articles on the front page; there are articles 'inside' the website. There is a discussion forum, and a learning zone.

What are Requirements and the characteristics of 'good' requirements?

This website has articles about what are requirements. It also has more detailed articles about the characteristics of 'good' requirements.

The fundamental philosophy adopted here is that 'good' requirements are correct, complete, and consistent - the 3 Cs. There is much debate about these 3 Cs, and other characteristics of good requirements. This website provides an opportunity to read relevant debates, and participate.

Learning Zone

Requirements Analytics™ offers standard and bespoke training and workshops to learn about, or define requirements. Standard courses are described in the learning zone. The learning zone will also be built up with online material that can be used to develop knowledge, skills, and competences in requirements.

In addition to training, there are consulting services available, some of which are standard (such as analyzing statements of requirements for completeness and consistency) and some of which are bespoke.

The Learning Zone will be available late 2016.

Logging in

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Creating an article

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