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Requirements Analytics

Congratulations! You have reached one of the leading sites for information about determining requirements for systems, whether for changing something existing already (brownfield requirements), creating something new (greenfield requirements), or checking an existing system for completeness, consistency, or correctness.

'Systems' mean any kind of human made system. The thrust of much writing and activity about requirements is really about creating software; software in this sense refers to the instructions needed by digital computers to support wider system needs.

However, we are using the term 'requirements' in a very broad sense, and indeed some human activity systems may not use any software or computer support.

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What are requirements?

What is all the fuss about requirements? At their simplest level, they are easy - they are what we want. Of course, the reality is that so often, it is not as simple as that. A requirement may be very simple, and there may be many ways in which a requirement can be met, sometimes with a very simple solution.

However, to repeat a well-known saying, "the devil is in the detail" - and that is so true when it comes to forming statements of requirements.....

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Requirements Analytics can perform a variety of services. Associates have many years of experience that has included a wide range of activities such as consulting about system development methods, requirements analysis methods, requirements elicitation, requirements modelling, defining standards for requirements documentation, ........

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Requirements elicitation and analysis need a toolbox containing a combination of 'hard' and 'soft' tools. Soft tools are needed because so often, when a problem is perceived, and people want a modified or new system to help deal with the problem, it may be very difficult to articulate what is wanted.......

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    A variety of curricula is available, classified by topics that are usually requested and are understood generally in the sectors concerned. The various sections discuss courses or training available, and the kinds of consulting projects that have been undertaken.