The PSL/PSA Project

The PSL/PSA Project has made early, tentative beginnings in 2011. The goal is to make PSL/PSA available again, late 2016 or early 2017 in a reduced form called PSL-lite. A fiull PSL/PSA will be made available later, but careful consideration needs to be given to standard reporting to be supplied with it, as some of the reports with the original product are not useful.

PSL/PSA was originally available to the sponsors of the ISDOS (Information System Design and Optimization System) at the University of Michigan (UoM). Following extensive testing and deployment at a wide variety of organizations that were sponsors, ISDOS experienced increasing difficulty in providing a growth path, and the support needed by so many organizations that wished to use the toolkit. Universities are not geared up to providing and supporting such complex software as PSL/PSA when deployed in a number of very large organizations, all seeking further development and support. ISDOS and the UoM took a decision, in hindsight not a fortunate decision, to spin out ISDOS into a separate company. For a variety of reasons, ISDOS was eventually acquired, and its demise was followed by a sequence of mergers and acquisitions. PSL/PSA ceased to be available as a commercial product, although some of the original sponsors and customers of ISDOS Inc or Meta Systems Ltd have continued to use the tools.