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On-site (on premises arranged by you for your people) courses about Business Process Analysis, Meta Meta Modelling, Safeguarding Update, and Legal position of Nuclear Weapons are available for booking. Plan your training now!
Three books published - available from Amazon and any good bookstore:
Business Process Analysis
Emotional Abuse in the Classroom
Nuclear Weapons and International Law
Enterprise and Information Sample curriculum is now available on the website.

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There are several websites associated with this one. These are for different aspects of the work we do. The separate websites provide specific focus for the topic represented.

Probably the oldest and largest research project in requirements engineering was the ISDOS project at the University of Michigan. Its most widely used and known product was PSL/PSA.

The intellectual origin of almost all systems analysis techniques, relational theory, and object-oriented thinking is the philosopher Rudolf Carnap. Many analytical approaches can be seen as derived from Carnap's constructor principles, resulting in discussion about models, metamodels, and metametamodels. There is discussion about this at the website devoted to metametamodelling (and languages). This topic is key for requirements engineering whether the target system to be developed is computer-based, or much wider (and could be a system that involves no computers).

Other websites are for books: (1) Business Process Analysis: including Architecture, Engineering, Management, and Maturity, (2) Emotional Abuse in the Classroom: the forgotten dimension of safeguarding, child protection, and safer recruitment, and, (3) Nuclear Weapons and International Law. Each book has its own website.

The book Nuclear Weapons and International Law has been published under the new imprint Peace Analytics which will soon have its own website.

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Requirements Analytics Publishing Programme

This list shows the topics of books in the publishing programme.  Final titles will be decided immediately prior to publication. As work starts on books they will be moved from planned to under development. As they are published, they will move from under development to published. As books are published, a link will be added for more details about the book.


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All published books are available from Amazon and any good bookstore. Enquire about prices and discounts for multiple and bulk purchases.

Under Development

  • Normalization Introduction
  • Normalization Advanced
  • Research Methods Essentials
  • Information Systems
  • Enterprise and Information Architectures
  • Nuclear Weapons and International Law - Trident Edition
  • Management Crib Books


  • Analyzing Requirements, Systems, and Processes Summary
  • Analyzing Requirements, Systems, and Processes Advanced
  • Competence - analysis, dictionaries, management, and modelling
  • Meta Meta Modelling
  • Modelling with PSL-lite and PSL/PSA
  • Object Property Relationship Modelling
  • PSL-lite User Guide
  • PSL/PSA User Guide

The PSL/PSA Project

The PSL/PSA Project has made early, tentative beginnings in 2011. The goal is to make PSL/PSA available again, late 2016 or early 2017 in a reduced form called PSL-lite. A fiull PSL/PSA will be made available later, but careful consideration needs to be given to standard reporting to be supplied with it, as some of the reports with the original product are not useful.

PSL/PSA was originally available to the sponsors of the ISDOS (Information System Design and Optimization System) at the University of Michigan (UoM). Following extensive testing and deployment at a wide variety of organizations that were sponsors, ISDOS experienced increasing difficulty in providing a growth path, and the support needed by so many organizations that wished to use the toolkit. Universities are not geared up to providing and supporting such complex software as PSL/PSA when deployed in a number of very large organizations, all seeking further development and support. ISDOS and the UoM took a decision, in hindsight not a fortunate decision, to spin out ISDOS into a separate company. For a variety of reasons, ISDOS was eventually acquired, and its demise was followed by a sequence of mergers and acquisitions. PSL/PSA ceased to be available as a commercial product, although some of the original sponsors and customers of ISDOS Inc or Meta Systems Ltd have continued to use the tools.



Consulting and Training

Requirements Analytics™ provides a range of consulting and training services for a variety of topics.

Standard services and courses are available, along with bespoke responses to particular needs. More details are available in the following subsections. To access some information, you will need to be registered.


  • Topics Available

    A variety of curricula is available, classified by topics that are usually requested and are understood generally in the sectors concerned. The various sections discuss courses or training available, and the kinds of consulting projects that have been undertaken.